The first floor public areas (the main entrance) and part of the ground floor office space in the DHCC are accessible to visitors in wheelchairs.

The main entrance to the Museum is accessible for people with disabilities and handicap parking is available on the right (or north) side of the building for easy access.  There is also a ramp available next to the stairs.

Additional handicap parking is available on the left (or south) side of the building with entrance to the ground floor office space of the DHCC and access to an elevator to allow our visitors to get to the public areas. However, please note that the door leading into the ground floor offices remains locked. Therefore, please call the museum at 817-599-6168 if need to park in the area and would like for us to open the doors for you.

Groups with special needs may contact the DHCC at 817-599-6168 to inquire about the possibility of adapting a current Museum tour to their special needs.


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