2017 marks the 100th Anniversary of the start of World War I. To celebrate this anniversary the Doss has partnered with the American Legion Post #163 to remember our county’s veterans in a new exhibition COURAGE that will run May of 2017 through November of 2017.

We are inviting the public to contribute to the exhibition by loaning items from your family’s Parker County Veterans! We are focusing on wars from the 20th century, WWI through the Gulf War. We are looking for photographs, uniforms, letters, mementos and other items that will help us to honor Parker County Veterans by telling their stories. All items will be returned to the families after the completion of the exhibit in November of 2017. All loaned items will be recognized in the items label and will be displayed using museum standards and best practices.

We will try and incorporate as many items as possible to make this exhibit honor our communities veterans, but we have limited space so please understand if we are not able to accept all items.

We are also collecting oral histories to be used in the exhibition, if you are a veteran and would like to be interviewed for the exhibition please contact the museum to set up a time.

If you have items you wish to loan for the exhibition please contact Amanda Edwards or Paige Baker at the Doss by calling (817)599-6168 or emailing

Thank you!