Groundbreaking for Pioneer Cabin Park!

Groundbreaking22516-13February 25, 2016

Planning began more than a decade ago for an outdoor log cabin exhibit where visitors can see what the lives of early Texans looked like.  Now the Doss Heritage and Culture Center celebrates the groundbreaking of its Pioneer Cabin Park in a historic park located behind the current museum located at 1400 Texas Drive in Weatherford.  The event began at 3 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, February 25 and the public was invited to share in this important milestone.  The event was free of charge and refreshments were provided along with information about the cabin project and a special exhibit on log cabins inside the museum.

Speakers for the event included:

Dean Hungage – managing director of the Doss Heritage and Culture Center

Ann Saunders – longtime board member of the Doss

Dorothy Doss – namesake and board member emeritus

Dave Deison – Doss board member

Joe Tison – Civic Development Chairman and former mayor of Weatherford

The Hon. Mark Riley – Parker County Judge

The Hon. Dennis Hooks – Mayor of Weatherford

Eight wielded shovels that broke the ground where the log cabin park will be.  They included Dorothy Doss, Mayor Dennis Hooks, Judge Mark Riley, Frank Martin, Joe Tison, Ann Saunders, Raymond Bowen and Dean Hungate.  Initially the Pioneer Cabin Park will consist of four log cabins that have been donated to the Doss.  Two of the cabins reside in nearby Holland Lake Park while the other two were donated to the museum by individual families.  “Visitors to the groundbreaking were able to walk through the park and see where each cabin will go as well as see photos and information about each cabin,” said Amanda Edwards, Curator at the Doss.   Guests also viewed a new log cabin exhibit inside the building.  Called Settling the Frontier the exhibit focuses on the pioneers that first settled Parker County and the log cabins they built.  Artifacts from the Holland family are also a part of the exhibit as well as a hands-on area for kids to build their own cabins.

“This log cabin project has been a long time coming,” said Managing Director Dean Hungate.  “We have many people to thank for getting us to this point including the City of Weatherford, Weatherford College and the families who are willing to share their history with all of us.  It’s a very personal way to show how pioneering Texans lived in log cabins when they came to Texas.  These aren’t just log cabins, these are THE log cabins that these particular families lived in.  It makes for a much richer story.”

The mission of the James and Dorothy Doss Heritage and Culture Center is to collect, preserve, and interpret the history of Parker County through cultural and educational events that raise awareness and pride in our western heritage.  For more information, contact the museum at (817) 599-6168.  The museum is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2016.  Look for special events and activities throughout the year.

New Hours! FREE Admission!

DHCC Logo 2015 color


As you may have guessed, we have a new logo and are so excited to share it with you, our valuable members and supporters! In addition to the new look, we will no longer be charging an admission fee and have changed our hours, closing on Sundays and will remain open later from 10am-8pm on Thursdays. This is just a preview of the exciting changes taking place at The Doss. Whether it’s been a day or a year since you’ve visited us we would love to see you come in to the museum or visit us on line and be a part of living our legacy!

New Hours of Admission

Tuesday-Saturday        10am-5pm
Thursdays                   10am-8pm
Sunday-Monday           Closed

Beginning in March 2015 we will offer
Free General Admission to the public

2015 Log Cabin Concert Series

Tickets are on sale now for the Log Cabin Concert Series. All proceeds from the concerts go toward bringing the Log Cabins of Parker County to the DHCC to be restored and preserved for generations to come.

For more information and ticket pricing please visit the Log Cabin Concert Series Tab.

Newberry Cabin
The Newberry Cabin in its current location.

33rd Annual Candlelight Tour of Homes

PC_Heritage-Candlelight_Tour_Nov_2014_1_poster_582x800_4_6_1149046053Tickets are available at the DHCC for the 33rd Annual Parker County Heritage Society Candlelight Tour of Homes

December 13th, 2014


Adult tickets – $12.00

Child Tickets – $6.00


See the DHCC’s newest exhibit, The Art of Homer Norris during the Candlelight Tour. Artist Homer Norris will be at the Doss from 3pm-5pm to meet visitors and talk about his art! Hope to see you there.

Share Your Story! DHCC collecting oral histories and artifacts for an upcoming exhibit on the Weatherford town square.

This summer the DHCC plans to open an exhibit featuring artifacts and stories that share the history of the Weatherford town square. We want to get the community involved on this project and are inviting you to share your stories with us. If you have a memory you would like to share please contact Amanda Rush at (817)599-6168 or

Own a limited edition Glenda Green Giclee Today!

Come and visit our latest exhibition Gardens of Our Heart: The Art of Glenda Green and take advantage of this limited time opportunity to purchase one of Glenda Green’s limited edition giclees!

What is a Giclée?

The art of fine art printing has hit a high-water mark with the advent of the revolutionary Giclée (zhee-clay) printing process.  This type of art reproduction is quickly becoming the new standard in the art industry, and is widely embraced for its quality by major museums, galleries, publishers, and artists.  A Giclée Print is the closest duplication of an original artwork that is technically possible.


A Giclée print can provide a realistic, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing representation of the original work of art.  Limited editions of giclees creations, are true investments and have escalated in value as the edition sells out, and for years into the future.  Therefore, a limited edition signed and numbered giclee is an heirloom collectable that can be returned to an aftermarket just as any fine collectable would allow.


With reference to collectable and investment value, it should be added that not all giclees are created equal.  Due to their increased popularity one can find mass-market open-ended giclees printed on very cheap canvas (even imitation canvas) in gift shops selling ordinary decorative objects.


A true fine art giclee is created by the artist on the finest canvas in limited editions that he or she supervises, inspects, and signs with the number of that print’s issue.  This is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity that also records the date of its creation.


Glenda Green’s giclees can be purchased in two forms.  First, there is an unframed creation that you may frame in a traditional manner according to your personal taste.  The second form is stretched on heavy duty stretchers with a cloned extension of the painting’s image wrapped around the edges.  This does not cut into the main image at all, and this unique product can be traditionally framed at any time.  It just provides the convenience of hanging in your home or office in a décor-neutral way immediately.  Later on if you choose to frame it, that can be done as easily as the simple unframed piece.
The cornerstone of this process is an advanced and highly enhanced digital printer, which is specifically designed for the rigorous and precise criteria of fine art collectors and museum quality, limited edition prints.  The results are so rich and accurate, all other methods of reproduction pale by comparison.  The latest Giclée Printing Technology has far surpassed the standard 4-color process to provide an 8 or even 12-color process.  It is so precise it even reproduces brush strokes and canvas patterns.  Yet, the process is so adaptable the artist can proof and adjust each print as it rolls out.

The word Giclée itself is French, and means spurt or squirt, in this case meaning, “spray of ink”. From hundreds of ink jets come more than a million droplets of ink per second as they are sprayed on a canvas or watercolor paper.  Once completed an image is comprised of almost 20 billion droplets of ink.


The large size and sturdiness of these printers allows the prints to be made directly onto heavy-grade artist canvas, thus preserving the original character or medium of the art work.  The resulting print has no perceptible dot pattern and an almost endless array of richly saturated color.  The most archival, light-fast inks and spray sealants available are used.  Giclée inks offer a 105-year light-fastness and UV-resistance under museum archival condition.

After two decades of testing and scrutinizing this new print medium, fine art galleries across the country are now proudly exhibiting Giclée’s as authentic (even original) works of art and warmly receiving them into their collections.


There is an outstanding exhibition record in such museums as these:

·        The Metropolitan Museum  (New York)
·        Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art
·        The Los Angeles County Museum
·        Zimmerli Museum of Art-Rutgers University
·        The British Museum
·        National Museum of Art
·        Philadelphia Museum of Art
·        The New York Public Library
·        San Francisco Museum of Art
·        The Corcoran Gallery
·        Laguna Museum of Art
·        The Washington Post Collection

Date and Artists Named for 2nd Annual Western Art Show and Sale!

Save the Date for November 8th, 2013

The Doss Heritage and Culture Center is proud to announce the artists for our Second Annual Western Art Show and Sale benefitting the Doss Heritage and Culture Center.

Bruce Green

George Hallmark

Jason Scull

Mark Haworth

Martin Grelle

Mary Ross Buchholz

Paul Moore

Sherry Harrington

Teal Blake

Tony Eubanks

Tyler Crow

Jeff Gottfried

The evening will begin with dinner provided by Copper Creek of Weatherford, Texas and the show and sale of each of the artists work will follow.

For more information please contact the Doss Heritage and Culture Center at 817-599-6168