We would like to thank the following Doss Partners for their commitment to Preserving Parker County History!

Craig and Shannon Sweatt

Donna Linn

Ray D. Rumfield

Mike and Rebecca Stack

Pat and Sharon Hamilton

Jack and Evelyn Thompson

Sheriff Larry Fowler and Gail Fowler

Gary Christopher

Mary Lou Bavousett

Dr. Bill and Deborah Cron

Don and Sara McKeown

Dave and Nancy Deison

Mr. and Mrs. Byron C. Rice

Roger and Janyth Palmer

Mr. John C. Johnson

Ernie and Brenda Ekberg

Heidi Wilder

Tommy and Marian Stovall

JoAnn Barnhart

Mildred Beard

Burton and Karen Cook

Greta Goolsby

David Ford

Perry and Barbara Mader

Peggie and Marvin Herring

Nancy Thurmon

Dean and Marty Hungate

Steve and Jerry Reid

John Goforth

Naomi Stewart

Kenneth and Vicki Robb

Randy and Gigi Langerhans

Terry and Jane Ellis

Jo Ann Causey

Roger and Jeanine Grizzard

Diane Wallace

Stanley Stough

Joe E. Berry

Lowell and Jo Ann Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. R.J.Grogan, Jr.

Red and Gail Steagall

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Jordan

Sue Measures

Sue Coody

Billy and Kris Martin

Michael Crow

Richard and Billye Nally

William E. White

Gregg and Margaret Davis

Margaret Martin

Joe and Patsy Tison

Mary Jackson

Bobbie J. Cooke

Patricia Melson


Bob and Carolyn Glenn

Ardath W. Phillips

Sue Curtis

Dr. James G. Stouffer

Paula Schroeder

Marjorie Lane

R.W. & Betty Jo Graber

Dave and Janet Douglass

Nancy Dozier

Bruce and Laura Wiggs

Homer Norris

State Representative Phil King

Tom B. and Ann Saunders

Roy and Jeanne Grogan