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Groundbreaking22516-13February 25, 2016

Planning began more than a decade ago for an outdoor log cabin exhibit where visitors can see what the lives of early Texans looked like.  Now the Doss Heritage and Culture Center celebrates the groundbreaking of its Pioneer Cabin Park in a historic park located behind the current museum located at 1400 Texas Drive in Weatherford.  The event began at 3 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, February 25 and the public was invited to share in this important milestone.  The event was free of charge and refreshments were provided along with information about the cabin project and a special exhibit on log cabins inside the museum.

Speakers for the event included:

Dean Hungage – managing director of the Doss Heritage and Culture Center

Ann Saunders – longtime board member of the Doss

Dorothy Doss – namesake and board member emeritus

Dave Deison – Doss board member

Joe Tison – Civic Development Chairman and former mayor of Weatherford

The Hon. Mark Riley – Parker County Judge

The Hon. Dennis Hooks – Mayor of Weatherford

Eight wielded shovels that broke the ground where the log cabin park will be.  They included Dorothy Doss, Mayor Dennis Hooks, Judge Mark Riley, Frank Martin, Joe Tison, Ann Saunders, Raymond Bowen and Dean Hungate.  Initially the Pioneer Cabin Park will consist of four log cabins that have been donated to the Doss.  Two of the cabins reside in nearby Holland Lake Park while the other two were donated to the museum by individual families.  “Visitors to the groundbreaking were able to walk through the park and see where each cabin will go as well as see photos and information about each cabin,” said Amanda Edwards, Curator at the Doss.   Guests also viewed a new log cabin exhibit inside the building.  Called Settling the Frontier the exhibit focuses on the pioneers that first settled Parker County and the log cabins they built.  Artifacts from the Holland family are also a part of the exhibit as well as a hands-on area for kids to build their own cabins.

“This log cabin project has been a long time coming,” said Managing Director Dean Hungate.  “We have many people to thank for getting us to this point including the City of Weatherford, Weatherford College and the families who are willing to share their history with all of us.  It’s a very personal way to show how pioneering Texans lived in log cabins when they came to Texas.  These aren’t just log cabins, these are THE log cabins that these particular families lived in.  It makes for a much richer story.”

The mission of the James and Dorothy Doss Heritage and Culture Center is to collect, preserve, and interpret the history of Parker County through cultural and educational events that raise awareness and pride in our western heritage.  For more information, contact the museum at (817) 599-6168.  The museum is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2016.  Look for special events and activities throughout the year.