The Spirit of Wyoming model was selected in a 1978 competition against some 23 works. The finished monument was completed and placed on the Wyoming State Capitol grounds in 1986.

Unlike any other bucking bronco, the composition was designed to stand like an inverted pyramid, 19 feet high including its pedestal. It is full of high action, and whether or not the rider will stay on the horse is uncertain. Horse and rider move as one.

Sculptor Ed Fraughton

Fraughton works to create sculpture that is both monumental in scale and that inspires its view to move around it, experiencing it from many different angles. “My quest as a sculptor has been to sculpt a three-dimensional design. Sculpture should never be designed from a narrow point of view. The best sculpture makes you move around it. A painter directs your eye from one part of the picture it another, the sculptor surrounds it.” In addition to his many commissions throughout the United States, including the Mormon Battalion Monument in San Diego, California’s Presidio Park, and the Spirit of Wyoming in Cheyenne, Fraughton is a founding member of the National Academy of Western Art and a longtime member of the National Sculpture Society and the Society of Animal Artists. He has exhibited throughout the United States at such venues as the Whitehouse in Washington, D.C., and at the Prix de West.

The Spirit of Wyoming is on display at the Doss and on sale. The proceeds of the sale help fund special events, education endeavors, and further aspirations to fulfill our mission to collect, preserve, and exhibit the history of Parker County and Texas.

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