Digital Artistry is an apt name for the artwork created by Don Lambert. Using a number of different computer software programs, a computer painting stylus and a pressure sensitive tablet, Lambert takes his original photographs and creates something truly unique.

Lambert’s career in graphic design began as an apprentice at a freelance art company where he quickly became a jack-of-all trades.  According to Lambert, “I learned the graphics business the hard way, by necessity.”  Although he spent evenings painting with an easel and a brush, and would show his work, he knew that being a full time artist was not an option with a young family.  He stayed with the gaphic design firm until his children graduated from college and then struck out on his own doing digital photo restoration.  This was 1990 when the computer graphic design industry was in its infancy.  I thought I could learn the photo editing software over the Thanksgiving weekend.  It took me until May of the next year before I sold anything I did with it,” said Lambert.  Lambert is completely self-taught on all of the different computer systems and software he uses and he thinks he is on his tenth computer system since that first one more than 20 years ago.

Lambert has moved away from strictly doing photo restorations into high quality digital prints on canvas for other artists.  While he has been in the business long enough to see most everything, including a 37′ long print of a gas well created to hang in an elevator shaft, his own photographs are what inspires him to create.  “The original images for this show were all photographed last November at a recreated western town just south of Glen Rose,” said Lambert.  “It was the most fun I’ve ever had on a photo shoot”, he continued.  Lambert takes the original photo images, enhances and adds to them in one computer program and then digitally paints them in another.  “It’s certainly going to be different from what people have seen before.” This is Lambert’s first show in 33 years.

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