It’s not too late to give and be among the list of folks who are supporting the Doss Heritage and Culture Center with their tax-deductible donations.  Please call Betsy Pedigo at 817-599-6168 for more information:


Bob & Betsy Browder, Jim Calhoun Jr., Edwin & Shirley Chenault, Robyn Coffey, James & Dorothy Doss Foundation, Dr. Mark & Sarah Eidson, Bob & Carolyn Glenn, The Pizza Place-Roger Grizzard, Mr. & Mrs. karl K. LaFleur, Catherine Marshall, Joe P. Strain, Christie Tull, Western Heritage Furniture, Jeff Williams, Byrne C. and Joyce Moody, Camilla Brandon & Reuben Parton, Jan Bateman, Gayle Young and Martha Tandy.

In Memory of: Everett & Kathleen Hooks, from Marcus & Elyse Carter, Rowena Doss Goss from Grogan Family Foundation, Susan & Oliver Loving from Nancy & Gene Dozier, Bill & Mary Newberry from Bob & Anne Bergman, Dr. Jim Boyd from Veleda J. Boyd, James Doss from John & Myrna Fields, James Doss from Pat & Sharon Hamilton, Rowena Doss Goss from Mrs. Mark Littleton, Charles T. Morris from Jean Morris, Kellie Wilson & Ernie Rutledge from Eva Earl Rutledge, Elizabeth Shawyer Cramer from Pat Shawyer, and Louis D. Huse from Ruth Huse

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